Parent - Teacher Association (PTA)

The Parent – Teacher Association of Don Bosco Technical High School consists of all the parents of the students in the school and all the teachers and administrators. The role of the PTA is to establish a partnership with the school administration and to ensure the best educational standards are the ultimate output from the school.

The PTA normally meets four times during the year. In case of specially need specially session may be called. The PTA transacts its activities through the various committees. The committees are expected to take care of the various aspects and meet as required and report to the executive committee and the PTA general body.

PTA Leadership (Executive Body)

Mr. Darryl Ambrose Nmah                     – President

Ms. Clavenda O. Payman                   – Vice President

Mr. Charles G. Jarret                          – Secretary

Mr. Aaron d. Fredericks                     – Chaplain

Ms. Sarah Y. Paye                              – Treasurer

Fr. Sony Joseph Pottenplackal           – Principal

Mr. Philip B Senayon, Sr.                  – Vice Principal

Joseph Kodah                                    – Member


PTA Committees:

  1. Disciplinary Committee


No. Name
1 Dorothy M. Harris
2 Emmanuel H. Jones
3 Joseph E. Freeman
4 Philip B. Senayon
5 Samuel Power


  1. Academic committee


No. Name
1 K. Zoquba Beysolow
2 James W. Dorye
3 Joseph K. Fayia
4 Bibirana B. Blay
5 Naomi T. Dunn
6 Sannah P. Lahun
7 Nasuma Kamara
8 Constantine Saletti
9 Philip T. Quitee


  1. Ways and Means Committee


No. Name
1 Peter Jimmy Kpaahkpai
2 Sarah Y. Paye
3 Mac-Iain Debra Simpson
4 Andrew K. Macgona
5 Margaretta F. Pearce