Evaluation & Examinations

There are six evaluations in the course of one academic year which is ongoing throughout the year and it consists of activities, assignments, classwork, quizzes, and written examinations. These assessments are to be done with seriousness and discipline.

Progress Reports:

Parents/Guardians should pick-up their child/children’s, ward/wards’ grade cards/Progress Report Cards during the P.T.A. Meeting after each Unit Test or at a time cited by the administration. The Report card is meant for an overall evaluation of student’s performance in the school (academic, moral, spiritual etc.)

Academic Achievement:

The School strongly encourages high academic achievement. A periodic Honor Roll is published to recognize the good work of the students and to enhance their motivation. The students who excel are honored with awards.

Grading System:

Number Grade Letter Grade Remarks
95% – 100% A Excellent Performance (High Honor)
85% – 94% B Above Average Performance (Honor)
80% – 84% C Average Performance (Honorable Mentioned)
75% – 79% D Satisfactory Performance
70% – 74% E Below Average Performance
Below 70% F Failure