The Institution now referred to as Don Bosco Technical High School is situated on the grounds of the former Arthur Barclay Business College. The school was opened by the Salesians of Don Bosco under the umbrella of the Catholic Education Secretariat in August 1991 immediately after the Liberian Civil War subsided in Monrovia. The need to open the school arose when it was observed that in the Sinkor area and its environs there were abandoned and indigent children roaming the streets aimlessly. There were also some children, though with their parents, in what was left of their shacks; those conditions were not different from those of the homeless. All these children were deprived of the right to education and other necessities of life. It is to fill the void created in the lives of these that this Institution was established to provide them with academic and some Vocational/Technical Education in a bid to make them useful citizens.

The school was first opened and operated at the Elementary Level. The intention was to make it a Vocational school and extend it to embrace Technical Secondary Education. It gradually attained its full Junior High Level status by the beginning of the 1993 – 1994 Academic Year. Cognizant of the need for Secondary Education for the growing population in the Sinkor area, the Salesians agreed with the Archbishop’s suggestion to raise the Institution to Technical Senior High Level beginning 1994 – 1995 Academic Year and adopted a name which bespeaks the curricula activities at the Institution, “Don Bosco Technical High School.”

The Salesians ran the school for years and later on turned it over the Catholic Education Secretariat in 1996. Since then the school lost its external support and has relied, for the past years, on the school fees collected from the students. Thus, Don Bosco Technical High school assumed the status of any other Catholic School within the Archdiocese of Monrovia. Due to this impediment and coupled with the fact that the school runs both Academic and Technical Educations, it became apparent that the fees could not adequately support the program of the Institution. Thus the School Fees of Don Bosco Technical High School was raised in 1999 to meet its requirements. At present it appears to be one of the expensive schools, though relatively not, and it is no more a community based school but caters to almost every quarter of Monrovia and its environs.